Hi I’m Priya, a Self-Love Coach ready to take you on a journey to re-connect to your GLOW. I grew up in Kenya, East Africa and I had mostly lived a life that was based on expectation and judgement.

My journey to Glowing started in 2014. I was at an extremely low point in my life. I felt that I had no purpose and no place in life. Feeling that if I disappeared the world would be better off. I was completely disconnected from myself as well as people around me. From the outside it looked like my life was perfect, I had a great job, lots of nice things, yet inside I felt broken.

What changed? I reached a point where I realised that I had two choices. 1 to give up on life or 2 to shift and get out of the huge hole I was in. I was led to try yoga, very reluctantly I might add.

That first class I spent most of the time watching people, but something in that class drew me back. I started going to classes at least once or twice a week and the physical movement combined with the breath, mind and body connection helped me to start to feel a shift.

Glow With Priya

The yoga led me to booking a retreat in Costa Rica in August 2014. I had no idea what to expect and I had never travelled anywhere alone let alone thousands of miles away. That week away started a shift that I was not expecting. I did things I would have never done before, zip lining, paddle boarding, surfing, para sailing, and slowly I started to let go. To let go of fears, and start to believe in myself. When I got home after the trip, a lot of people said I was glowing and I felt it. I felt a connection to my heart and soul for the first time that I could remember.

Now that I had this glow I didn’t want to lose it.

My yoga practice shifted and grew and I did a 200 hour teacher training course whilst working full time. Things looked great and whilst I did feel much better there was still a large feeling of being unfulfilled. I felt that I was not doing what I wanted in life. In 2017 I decided to walk away from an 11 year career in finance to start teaching fully embodied yoga. Yet still I had this nagging feeling in my heart. Teaching did not feel embodied it felt like I was just teaching the physical poses and not helping people to reconnect fully to themselves.

I finally realised that I was more connected to myself and over time I had built up an amazing set of tools that allow me to grow and glow every single day. I had gone from wanting to end my life to living it every day. My happiness, joy and peace does not come from material things, it all comes from within me. That glow, the mind, body, soul connection is what allows me to live my best and most authentic life.

I have gone from making excuses, being defensive, blaming others and myself and making judgements to being able to see things differently.

To seeing the stories that I had created, the expectations and attachments, and now as soon as I accept my story for what it is I am able to release it and come back to my true self. These are the tools that I want to share with you, the ones I use every day and keep using to ensure that my GLOW only gets brighter and I keep living my best life.